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Dental implant

A dental implant is an artificial root that replaces a missing tooth.

Dental implant

If more than one tooth is missing, multiple implants may be required to replace them.

SEE THE PLACEMENT OF A DENTAL IMPLANT author: paristesdents Implants make it possible to have fixed teeth rather than a removable appliance (constraining and uncomfortable) or a bridge (mutilating for teeth next to the tooth to be replaced).

Implant placement is usually done under local anesthesia and does not cause any pain during or after the procedure.

After a period of 3 months (which can be reduced to a few days in some cases), the implant is welded (osteo-integrated) into the bone and can then support one or more teeth.

Tempory implants can also be used to support a fixed temporary prosthesis.

Whatever the situation, a waiting solution will be proposed to you in order to never remain edentulous.

For people with phobias, treatment under general anaesthesia or neurolept-analgesia with hypnotic accompaniment is offered at the Tonkin clinic for the placement of dental implants.

There are no failure, provided the aseptic rules are followed.

The aesthetic result obtained is very close to reality (before tooth extraction) and the masticatory comfort is excellent.
A maintenance program after implementation.

Computer-guided and minimally invasive surgery


At the Bayard Dental Clinic, we systematically use planning software for implant placement. From the images obtained in three dimensions by our radiology system, we can create a custom-made surgical guide. This guide provides an ideal position of the implants as planned by computer.

This technique makes it possible to avoid incisions and sutures, resulting in a reduction of the duration of the operation (it is necessary to count between 5 and 10 minutes per implant) while guaranteeing the absence of pain and oedema after the operation carried out under local anaesthesia at very low doses. This technique also makes it possible to conceive in advance the temporary prosthesis which will be screwed directly onto the implants at the end of the procedure. The patient can then eat normally and regain a perfectly natural smile. In the case of complete edentation of a jaw, it is thus possible to replace all the teeth in a single session with 6 implants, when the bone volume allows it.

Bone grafting


See a bone graft
Author: ParistesdentsIn  some cases, the height or thickness of the remaining jaw bone is not sufficient to ensure a solid anchorage of the implant.
This bone must then be thickened (bone graft) or added in height to the upper jaw at the premolar and molar level (sinus filling).


See sinus filling and sinus lift
Author: Paristesdents  These procedures can be performed under local or general anesthesia, but do not cause post-operative pain. They require a period of bone remodeling, extending the overall duration of treatment from 4 to 6 months.

Implants may be reimbursed by some mutuals.
The implants we place at the Bayard Dental Clinic are manufactured in Brignais, south of Lyon.