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Frequently Asked Questions

Is implant placement painful ?

Implant placement does not cause pain either during or after the procedure, as it is performed with an anaesthesia (usually local, but in some cases it is possible to deepen the anaesthesia or perform the procedure under general anaesthesia).

After the operation, a treatment is put in place so that the pain never appears.

How long does an implant treatment last ?

The first step, which consists of placing the artificial root (s) under the gum, most frequently performed under local anesthesia, is very fast (about 20 minutes per implant).
This is followed by a healing period of 3 months during which the implant will weld under the gum directly into the bone.
Then the implant is ready to be “loaded” to receive the prosthesis.
This phase of the prosthesis can last one week for cases with a few implants, to a few weeks if the dental reconstruction is extensive.

How reliable is this type of treatment with implants ?

The integration of a titanium implant has been proven in humans since the 1980s and gives stable integration results over time.
There is no rejection as such when the patient’s state of health does not contraindicate implant placement. (These contraindications are rare).

What esthetic result and what comfort is achieved with implants ?

The implanted prosthesis protects and preserves the adjacent healthy teeth. she has a natural appearance and provides a chewing comfort that allows you to eat any type of food normally.

Up to what age can we benefit from implants ?

There is no age limit for the implants to function perfectly. If there are no more teeth left in the jaw, only 2 implants can stabilize and make a complete appliance comfortable.

What is the cost of implants ?

From our first appointment, a detailed estimate will be established after a clinical examination to define together the best adapted implant solution.

What is the origin of implants ?

Our implants are manufactured, sterilized and packaged entirely in the Lyon region and have a CE marking.