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Pain management

The type of anesthesia used varies according to the procedure to be performed and the patient’s request.

We have local anaesthesia with pre-anaesthetic gel.

For larger surgical procedures, such as extractions of teeth included, we may have recourse to a stronger anaesthesia, allowing us to obtain amnesia (omnesia) and analgesia (action against pain), called neurolept-analgesia (NLA) (the products used are the same as for general anaesthesia, with lower doses, thus reducing the duration of hospitalization (1/2 day)

Surgical procedures (including the extraction of wisdom teeth and the placement of dental implants) performed under neurolep-analgesia (NLA) and general anaesthesia are performed in the operating room of the Tonkin clinic in conjunction with an anaesthetist and require a prior anaesthesia consultation.

  • Our team is trained in the practice of medical hypnosis. This technique will allow you, if you wish, to transform your perception of dental care into a personal experience with a pleasant connotation.
  • Each treatment room is equipped with a video projection of your choice with a playful or didactic character.