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Treatment of sleep apnea and snoring


Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome must be considered a public health problem due to its frequency (5 to 7% of the population).

Apnea (or hypopnea) is accompanied by micro-arousals and results in sleep impairment.
This leads to drowsiness during the day. In addition, apnea repeatedly reduces oxygen saturation (i. e., the amount of oxygen in the blood) and increases the cardiovascular risk.

Obstruction of the upper airways may cause snoring or breathing to stop.
The position of the jaws thus plays a considerable role in allowing the passage of air. The mandibular advancement allows the posterior pharyngeal space to be widened, allowing the passage of fluidly inhaled air.

The Mandibular Advanced Orthesis (OAM) is the mechanical alternative to Continuous Positive Pressure (CPP).

After a visit to the dental office and a consultation with your doctor, your teeth are fingerprinted.
The orthesis is made by a laboratory in Champagne aux Monts d’ Or (69).
We then make adjustments to optimize the mandibular advancement.